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Mt. Kenya
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Where I live we ride the same MTB trails in summer with our MTB and in winter with our fatbikes, the problem is that some people KOM segment during the winter on those trails where they are all smooth , hard and FAST!

Any ways for Strava to switch to Winter KOM for these segment ?

As an example, there are some segment here where the difference between a summer KOM vs a winter KOM is calculated in minutes. Some people KOM at 39 sec during the winter whereas the same segment during summer is a KOM around 1:45 so there is NO WAY to get any KOM in the summer and this ruins the experience. 

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Hello and thanks for sharing your thoughts on seasonal PRs and MTB/Fatbiking on segments. We've had quite a few discussions around these topics here already, I'd like to point you toward the following existing threads:

Separate segment times by gear
Adding Fat bike as a bike type in gear
Segment Leaderboards by activity type

Thank you, we look forward to hearing more from you.

Mt. Kenya

I've read all those thread, but none of them point to the right issue nor point to at least in the way of a good solution :

This is not a "gear type" problem, this is a season/ time-of-the-year-in-the-northern-hemisphere problem.

My post do explain why while all the others are onto "riding on a fatbike or mtb or whatever" bike . In other words : Anyone can ride a fatbike on summer trail, but won't get WINTER times and KOM.  

Just saying. 




I don't think there is a solution because Strava will never know at what times a trail is easy and at what times difficult to ride. A fixed separation by time of the year would be a special fix for special segments but generally meaningless. Besides people often forget that segments where never intended to be same conditions for all (that's what races are for) else we would have myriad of leaderboards for every combination of weather, gear and other circumstances.


@Phiu-x - How would you suggest Strava determines the season?  By would not work since it is highly variable not only by location but by specific year.  One year, you will be riding your fat bike on packed snow trails in November, the next you will be riding mountainbikes on dirt well into December.  Same goes for the springtime.  There is no way to set a specific date since it would vary so much every year and you would end up with rides on the overlap timeframes that would not match the "season" and would skew the leaderboard results.  

Personally, I like that some segments are faster on a fatbike in the winter and others are faster on a mountainbike in the summer.  It's all part of the fun.  You look forward to the change in seasons when you can go chase KOMs on new segments that you haven't been able to ride fast during the current season.  

Mt. Kenya


Hello, perhaps there is no perfect solution. Maybe there is no need for a solution at all, I could create the very same segment and add "_WINTER" to it's name. Then local people would understand instantly.  Maybe, instead of duplicating segment , we could have an option next to the bike selection list where we specify winter/summer/spring/fall , so with the date of the ride we could tell more precisely under which conditions the KOM got won.  I know this is not a race, but KOM is part of the fun for us amateur and not taking into account the condition of the trails make it less interesting.