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*I apologize if this is a duplicate*
offer multiple goals feature, literally for any metric. I don’t care if it’s in the app or online only. But I maintain a spreadsheet offfline as to historically track my progress to multiple goals (not just mileage as hours on my bike are as important to me as mileage and elevation gain and hours on the bike). It would be really nice to not have to do such though it’s my love of data monitoring that leads me to this I feel there are so many people using other applications to track performance metrics who could benefit from a more deeper field of data on Strava related to personal goals.

and if you really wanted to make some users go nuts quantify the number of PRs, LLs, and KOMs a person obtains in a year in the annual metrics.


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Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, thanks for sharing this idea. Just to make sure I understand correctly, you're suggesting that we implement the option to merge multiple criteria for goals? i.e. combine elevation, time and distance into one goal for a discipline. Or would you prefer the option to display combined/separate goals for each sport type?