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Status: Gathering Kudos

Would be great if we could have free flying airsports like paragliding and hang gliding.


Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting your idea to add free flying as a Sport Type. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

It is hard to find this voting page. I think there would be a lot of votes if it was brought to the attention of a wider audience

Mt. Kenya

That would ve great!


totally agree!

Mt. Kenya

+1 && this would be two sports: paragliding and hang-gliding

Mt. Kenya

+1, and since FATMAP also has paragliding it makes sense for Strava to also include it

This idea should also include the kudos from here (42 of them), where free flight sports were already mentioned

Mt. Kenya

Paragliding, and it will include the trace going in 3D in the sky! (when uploaded from a watch / device wich have a barometer, information). And also to be able to mix it with a first part of hiking! 2 sports in 1 activity: hike & fly!

Mt. Kenya

Plus 1 vote for this. Only stumbled on this by chance, so I suspect there would be a lot of uptake. As a multi-sport athlete, it would help me justify my annual subscription to myself for not much effort on the part of Strava.

Mt. Kenya

Needs to be added, either a 'Hike and Fly' or selecting 'hiking' and 'free flying (e.g. paragliding or hang-gliding)'. Perhaps as soon as speed is 15km/h or more for 3 consecutive seconds, the track record swaps to the flying setting, and then swaps back when speed goes to zero or under 10km/h.

It's a rapidly growing sport, the only sport I record. If Strava doesn't add it, I will happily use something else like Sports Track Live

Mt. Kenya

This would be such a valuable addition to Strava! It would be interesting for someone to filter all Strava Kitesurfing activities that are NOT over water, to see how many athletes are already recording paragliding/hangliding activities under the closest available sport type. Similarly, runs and hike activities could be filtered for periods of sustained 15km/h where athletes are flying.

It would be amazing if the activity type could calculate the max and min glide/sink ratio. Showing a 3D track would also be amazing (instead of projecting it down to the terrain surface).