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Status: Gathering Kudos

Dear Team,

Please add Nordic Walking as an activity. 

There is quite a lot of Nordic Walkers out there, using Strava. We are neither walking, nor running.

Thank you for consideration.

Lenka 🇨🇿

Certified Nordic Walking Instructor


How popular is Nordic Walking? Sounds awesome but I've never done it.

Do most Nordic Walkers tend to post their activities as a walk or run?

Is it competitive, therefore necessitating its own category for segments? (If not, why not just classify it as a walk?) Is it more about recognition? In which case, rather than a separate activity category, maybe it could be a sub-category such as gravel biking is to cycling? 



Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Great questions, @eric I'm equally curious to know what @lenkakrivankova has to say about the reason for adding it as a new Sport Type. Would a sub-category tag (such as long run, race, commute, etc.) be satisfactory or why would a new Sport Type category be needed?


Nordic Walking and Power Walking are very popular activities in Germany and Northern Europe. It would be great if STRAVA would give these sports (yes, they are sports!) more and better attention

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Community Manager
Mt. Kenya

I'm very pleased to see @lenkakrivankova's suggestion about adding Nordic Walking as a recording option - as I intended to suggest it myself!

I currently record my Nordic Walks as walks. However, the calories data would presumably be somewhat different to normal walking. It would also be good to see recognition of Nordic Walking as an excellent sport in its own right.

I'll leave people who are better informed than myself to discuss the Sport Type / sub-category issue...