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It seems as though the capitalization I choose for a particular model of shoe is overruled once a different user has previously entered the model name with different capitalization.

For instance, I have two models of Vibram FiveFingers where someone in the past chose not to capitalize the second F and I have seemingly no way to correct this. Everytime I try to change any capitalization in any part of the name it reverts to the previously entered format.

I am aware this is possibly the most minor annoyance possible, but either a "suggest correction" button next to a gear name or simply allowing users to decide their own capitalization would be appreciated.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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This is a very old issue. I remember hitting this issue more than 5 years ago.

It seems that Strava does "interning" of shoe model names. If the name of the shoe that you've entered matches the one that someone entered before, Strava combines them in the database, so that there aren't multiple copies. But in doing that Strava does case-insensitive matching of strings and inherits the capitalization of whoever entered that shoe name first.

To me, this is a fairly annoying issue. In my current list of shoes alone there are 4 shoes that are capitalized not the way I want:
Dynafit alpine
Salomon S-lab pulsar
Salomon S-lab sense 4 ultra sg
Salomon S-Lab ultra 2

In the past I had more annoying examples of this, for example:
La Sportiva AKASHA
Pearl Izumi EM TRAIL M2

Also, why the Hoka brand name comes in all capitals unlike all other brands: HOKA ONE ONE?


It's the Vaporfly 3. Not "VaporFly 3". This is the most annoying thing ever--why do people arbitrarily capitalize things, and then also alternatively not capitalize correctly? The internet is available to confirm anything.

Mt. Kenya

This strange and annoying issue is going on for more than three years and it's interesting how Strava could not fix it in the meantime. There are many Reddit topics you can easily find with a simple search.


This has been way longer than 3 years. I personally observed this issue for at least 6 or 7 years. I am pretty sure this how it was implemented by Strava from the beginning.

Mt. Kenya

Yes this is still an issue (I also disagree with compulsory Brand field), so I just select either "Mi" or "On" as brand,  adding a blank space into Model field (as this has weird behaviour) and type what I prefer to see into Nickname.
I mean, yes "HOKA ONE ONE" is correct but why can't I just specify the more common "Hoka"?
And can anyone explain why what's typed into Model gets reformatted? e.g "Vaporfly NEXT% 2" becomes "Vaporfly Next% 2"

Mt. Kenya

Is Strava ever going to fix this minor but still very annoying issue ?