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Status: Gathering Kudos

Feature: For routes, add grouping and sorting functionality to the web an mobile app.

Over time I have built up a library of routes which I use. Scrolling through them is painful. I would like to be able to group/categorise routes and also sort them by various fields.


Expanding on the comments from my fellow users about this idea, fields to filter and sort by:

  • Route name
  • Created date
  • Last modified date
  • Start location
  • Route type [Out and back | Point to point]
  • Terrain [Flat | Rolling | Hilly | Mountains]
  • Distance
  • Ride Type

The grouping into folders is something I also had in mind but from an implementation point of view I get that tags, filtering and sorting is easier to deliver. Folders would be great though. 

I would like to add either destination or mid point and be able to filter/sort by these. Basically the café stop so, location of the café and café name. I have multiple routes to the same café:

  • On a point to point route the destination is the end point. It could also have a mid point for a stop/café.
  • On a an out and  back it could be the mid point or, on longer rides multiple points (multiple cafés.)

Looking at a one to many here, but a café stop option would be great.

Mt. Kenya

Same here.  At the moment, I often use Veloviewer to filter my Strava routes, but it would be great to have categories and filters in Strava itself.

**EDIT** I would like to be able to filter by distance & start location.

As mentioned, ability to add categories/labels and filter by this too.

So, I could then search all of my 'flat' routes between 60 and 70 miles, starting from a specified location.

Mt. Kenya

Totally agree. A simple user defined set of folders would make things so much easier. 

If the intention was to use filters, instead of folders, I'd like to have the facility to add multiple free-text tags to a route and then filter all routes with a combination of any of the tags used. I'd far prefer the tags to be free-text rather than predefined. I imagine I'd use tags such as the name of tours, summer, winter, flat, climbs, dry, wet, north, south, west, east, single track, etc. Also, facility to sort the view of my routes by distance, date created or even alphabetically would be very useful.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Community Manager

I'm curious to know what kind of criteria you'd be interested to filter your routes with. Feel free to edit your idea to include that information. Thanks for your contribution!


tagging, I have a number of routes created just for Strava art, if I tag them publicly it would be easier for people to find and for me to find other routes with the tag art in them

Distance also good, then I can quickly filter for a 10k run for instance

Mt. Kenya

Hi just adding to this that this is a feature I would love to see and is the reason I joined the community hub. I strongly agree with the comment above:

"I'd like to have the facility to add multiple free-text tags to a route and then filter all routes with a combination of any of the tags used"

My main use case of this would be to filter routes by location areas such as London, Leeds, Newcastle, etc. Also I would use the other tags that were suggested above.

Mt. Kenya

I strongly agree with this idea...i often make routes for the future rides i might make, and often these are related to Explorer Tiling (veloviewer). So I have over 120 routes and have to scroll through pages with no way of organising. Sorting by tags or name will be fine and whilst the estimated time of a ride is highly unreliable that does give a guide to the type of ride.  

Mt. Kenya

Omg can we please have this. This idea has been around for almost 3 years now, I can't believe we can't even filter our routes. One of the main features of this platforms is routes!
I have so many routes, through different countries and with different training purposes, and there is no way to organise them. We really need this 🙂

Mt. Kenya

Folders! We need Route Folders! I have clusters of routes in different places (for events) - folders would be a great place to start improving route organisation.

Mt. Kenya


a first step would be to have the scroll-buttons, which now are only available at the bottom of the route-list, also at the top of a single page !


Mt. Kenya

Great idea, really necessary when using routes as a main route-planner:

Make it work Strava!