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Status: Gathering Kudos

Feature: For routes, add grouping and sorting functionality to the web an mobile app.

Over time I have built up a library of routes which I use. Scrolling through them is painful. I would like to be able to group/categorise routes and also sort them by various fields.


Expanding on the comments from my fellow users about this idea, fields to filter and sort by:

  • Route name
  • Created date
  • Last modified date
  • Start location
  • Route type [Out and back | Point to point]
  • Terrain [Flat | Rolling | Hilly | Mountains]
  • Distance
  • Ride Type

The grouping into folders is something I also had in mind but from an implementation point of view I get that tags, filtering and sorting is easier to deliver. Folders would be great though. 

I would like to add either destination or mid point and be able to filter/sort by these. Basically the café stop so, location of the café and café name. I have multiple routes to the same café:

  • On a point to point route the destination is the end point. It could also have a mid point for a stop/café.
  • On a an out and  back it could be the mid point or, on longer rides multiple points (multiple cafés.)

Looking at a one to many here, but a café stop option would be great.

Mt. Kenya

I would like route folders as it would allow me to group & sort my routes. The reason that is important is because I would like to be able to manage my routes and be able to see similar routes together regardless of when they were created.

This would work for times when you're planning a trip or returning to a destination, such as Mallorca, so that you can go to the specific folder with all the relevant routes.

This could also be expanded to share a route with multiple people who would all have edit rights rather than creating multiple personal versions.


Hello chrisdebonnaire,

Thanks for sharing this suggestion about grouping and sorting routes. This idea was already requested in the Ideas board, so I’ve moved your post here. This helps us keep the forums organized and makes sure suggestions are easy to find and votes for them aren’t divided across duplicate ideas. Don’t forget to show your support by clicking on the kudos button.

Thanks again for your contribution.

Mt. Kenya

These are all great ideas, but before you take 3 months implementing these, simply release a search by route name first while you continue to develop the rest.  I stopped using Strava Route builder because I already have 200+ routes and hate searching for them page by page.  I reverted back to RideWithGPS which already has all these filters as well as search by route nam.  I'm not sure I'll continue paying for both when my Strava  yearly subscription ends this year.

Mt. Kenya

I love the route features as a whole and it helps me often as a runner! 

It would be cool to add a route filter for type. Example is the route a Loop, Out & Back, Lollipop, Point to Point?

Most routes appear to be loops or lollipop in nature as of now. Having an option to search/filter for point to point routes would be a great addition to me. Sometimes my runner pals like to come to with unsupported "races" on weekends and a point to point is much more fun than a loop or out & back.


What do y'all think Strava Community? Would you use a feature to filter your routes by type/shape?

Mt. Kenya

Great idea - I was just looking through my routes thinking "I wish I could organise these better", or at least search them.

Mt. Kenya




Mt. Kenya

Oh this! It drives me crazy that I can't organize my routes via a folder system. Thats more important than a filter function in my opinion. However a filter function is also really useful and for me filtering by start location/country would be great!

I really hope to see this functionality at the next possible opportunity!