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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

The Training Log ( defaults to showing all activity types. However, some activities like Walks may not reflect actual "training", so I usually filter them out and just show Rides/Runs/Swims.


Unfortunately, this filtering does not persist, and once you refresh the page, it goes back to showing everything. Additionally, the current settings are not reflected in the URL either (eg, in a query string), so there's no way to bookmark a particular filtering setup, and I have to manually select ride+run+swim each time I use the page.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Mt. Kenya

Persistency and/or search criteria within the URL would be OH SO HELPFUL!  I'm currently trying to clean up my Strava history dating back to 2005.  Somewhere along the way I've accidentally imported several months of rides belonging to a friend when I was helping troubleshoot an old Garmin unit.  I'm now searching through "My Activities" and deleting the friend's activities and keeping mine in place.  I'm looking at activities that took place in 2011.  When I find and activity that's not mine, I delete it, but the "My activities" page refreshes showing my most current activities.  I can reverse the date sort to look at the oldest activities but that starts me out at 2005 and still have lots of pages to pass through to get to 2011.  A starting location search criteria would be ideal.  However, even if the paging feature had a << or >> feature that scrolled 100 activities at a time, that would be a huge help.