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It would be great to have free diving and scuba diving sports into Strava, in a similar manner to what Garmin Connect allows. 


At the moment, I am using a Garmin Descent 1 and activated the synchronization between Garmin Connect and Strava, but every time I go Scuba Diving or Free-diving, Strava recognizes it as Swimming. Which is normal because it does not support underwater sports.


In summary, it would be great to have the following features in Strava:

1. Free-diving as a sport in Strava

2. Scuba Diving as a sport in Strava.

 3. Allow the interface to get the data for Free-diving or scuba-diving sessions from Garmin Connect, recognizing the session features (depth, time underwater, etc.)




Mt. Kenya

+1, I'd love to track my dives in Strava! It's the only sport I do that can't be tracked on Strava.

Mt. Kenya

I also agree that Scuba diving & Free diving would be great additions to Strava!

I use a Suunto D5 dive computer with Bluetooth which downloads to the Suunto app but it would be much better if I could export the whole dive into Strava instead e.g. dive time, depth, surface intervals, notes etc. 

I could keep the data for all of my hobbies in one place. 

Also note that with the introduction of the new Apple Watches, even more people will be using them to dive, so the demand & popularity will only increase!

Mt. Kenya

Yes! Most computers nowadays support integration with 3rd parties, so please don't just add it for Garmin, but also some other big names like Shearwater, Suunto, Aqualung, etc.

Mt. Kenya

Strava support has always responded in a timely manner to all my questions in the past so it comes quite a surprise to see how long these requests have been outstanding.

Free diving and Scuba diving are serious sports with a large following.

This sports should most certainly be available for Strava athletes!

Mt. Kenya

Yes, I vote yes as well.

Mt. Kenya

Please add those sports to strava as well, it would be such an amazing feature to record and save those sessions in strava!

Mt. Kenya

Please! I would appreciate even a map and better syncing with Garmin Connect. I have to manually upload activities from FIT files, as syncing only works some time. 

Mt. Kenya

Count me in for supporting the diving activity from garmin to be integrated/uploaded in Strava👍👌👌👌

Mt. Kenya

Hi all, 

Agree with Fabrice, since last update from Garmin and garmindive freediving and spearfishing can't be synchronise on Strava directly. It's crazy ! any problem with the interface. 

Could you please solve the problem and keep us posted. It was perfect despite the fact that the activity "underwater" and split into freediving, scuba, spearfishing is not existing versus Garmin dive. MAybe the issue ?


Thank you in advance.




Indeed, I raised a question in that direction this week to Garmin.

Now I know why. It seems like we have no luck with the topic, in general.

Mt. Kenya

Please add this!

Mt. Kenya

This would be a very welcome addition!

Mt. Kenya

Yes, please Strava add Freediving and scuba to the activities. I have also send a few emails asking for this!

Mt. Kenya

Yes Strava. Here a paying member. That would be nice😀

Mt. Kenya

Where do we Vote?

I'm new to diving and am pretty amazed at how big of a gap there is in terms of a quality, digital, multi-source dive log.  something as simple as calculating SAC and ascent rates seems like an easy win.

everything out there needs to be manually inputted which is odd in 2023