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It would be great to have free diving and scuba diving sports into Strava, in a similar manner to what Garmin Connect allows. 


At the moment, I am using a Garmin Descent 1 and activated the synchronization between Garmin Connect and Strava, but every time I go Scuba Diving or Free-diving, Strava recognizes it as Swimming. Which is normal because it does not support underwater sports.


In summary, it would be great to have the following features in Strava:

1. Free-diving as a sport in Strava

2. Scuba Diving as a sport in Strava.

 3. Allow the interface to get the data for Free-diving or scuba-diving sessions from Garmin Connect, recognizing the session features (depth, time underwater, etc.)




Mt. Kenya

Just logged 13 scuba dives as swims again the past two weeks. Adding this would still be very helpful and a great addition for quite a large diving community. The Garmin Dive app is okay, but it would be great to have my dives logged together with my other activities on one platform. 

So pretty please Strava, add this as an activity type. If you do it right, you will gain a whole new awesome community of divers! 🙂 

Mt. Kenya

great idea, really hope Strava put some work into this

Mt. Kenya

Can't believe we still don't have this or even an option to auto import dives as a swim! Strava would be a great place for us divers to socialised and considering there is no good competition out there, I'm sure it will bring a whole new world to the strava platform!

My Garmin even logs entry and exit points so strava can even get some location data to help others find dive sites!

Mt. Kenya

Please add this. I will subscribe immediately.

Mt. Kenya

Don’t forget to vote using the thumbs up! They only look at votes!! They get thousands of comments

Mt. Kenya


I was also surprised to see this missing from Strava. 
thanks team, the rest of the product is great!

(I already added kudos to this post)

Mt. Kenya

Would be great if dives are added for us divers to socialise and explore dive spots!

Mt. Kenya

It won't even import automatically from Garmin for me anymore, I have to save it and manually upload it... and after all that, it's basically just a stopwatch. It would be lovely if I could actually record a dive.

Mt. Kenya

Yes please!!! 

Mt. Kenya

Yes, please! I play underwater rugby and want to log my training

Mt. Kenya

Yes please!!!!

Mt. Kenya

Absolut 👍 

Mt. Kenya

It would be a more than a welcome upgrade. Please implement it as soon as possible.

Mt. Kenya

Every time when I finish a workout, Strava tells me to dive into the stats and it reminds me that it has been 835371518 days since I kudo-ed this idea and diving is still not an activity in Strava :). 

Mt. Kenya

yes please