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Status: Gathering Kudos

Would be good to have maintenace informattion for your equipment integrated in Strava.

Perhaps more useful for biking, you could ad manually entries about, for example:

- When you changed tubeless liquid

- When you changed tha chain

- When you made fork maintenace

Crossing this data with activities data, you could get a "timeline" with all mainteninece operations you have done. So you can know hom many hours of use/kilometers/time since you made maintenance and you will know when you have to do again.

Aditional option could be to add alerts like "Made fork maintenance after 100 hours" "Change tubeless liquid after 6 months" "Replace chain after 2000 km" and Strava reminds it once time has fulfilled according to the data of activities. On the same way, you could know the time/kilometers left until you need to do new maintenance operations




Aside from gear "time since taken out of their box" as you suggested, I'd be interested in seeing time spent using gear. How many hours have I worn a particular pair of shoes (as logged on Strava)? Shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

Mt. Kenya

since we already log the bike mileage, it would be good if we could log the maintenance schedule so that the user knows when it’s time to service the bike or replace parts. This would also offer Strava the opportunity to partner with new companies to offer discounts or marketing campaigns 

Mt. Kenya

Given how maintenance is given in hours, can we have a function when logging our bikes that tells us how long we have ridden for ? And a function we could setup against the bikes, lets say we could set a reminder that at 50 hours we need to service our suspension ?  

Mt. Kenya

Yes. Agreed @Gibbo . KM is very useful, but 'time logged' for batteries etc would certainly be a welcomed addition.

Mt. Kenya

I'm bringing this one up the list again.


I recall asking this a while back but can't find my original post.

I just find we are now able to track components.

In the cycling world, we measure things a bit differently depending of the type of riding.

Road: you do math primarily on distance to do maintenance + Eg. A Shimaro 105 will be good for +- 2500Kms prior for a significant maintenance. Dura-Ace: 3 times that. 

MTB: the math is around hours. You will do a maintenance on suspension at  50 hours a rebuild at 100 hours. Obviously Trail|Enduro MTB is rough on the components if you compare to road.

Fatbike (in winter): I do it per hour as well since I'm riding primarly MTB trails. Chains and cassettes are measured by the amount of wear and times you change the chain.

Bottom line, Please give us the ability to see our gear per Year, not just all time and the ability to select if we want to see the distance or hours (or both). You are tracking it anyways, we just need one layer down of granularity while you provided the detailed option at component level (eg. Tires)



Mt. Kenya

Hello, the gear function keeps track of the mileage done throughout a gear's lifetime. For bikes it would be very relevant to be able to mark the mileage of an overhaul in an additional field. It would greatly help planing the next gear maintenance.

Mt. Kenya

+1 would love to be able to track when i replaced the CR2032 batteries in my shifters

Mt. Kenya

It would be nice to be able to add multiple equipments of same type, and switch between them.

For example, I use different cassette and chain when I ride in the moutains. When I'm back, I switch back to previous chain and cassette.

I would like to be able to specify this in Strava, to keep track of each cassette and chain.

Mt. Kenya

I'd like the ability to add a date into the calendar that is specific to a registered piece of equipment/gear (e.g. shoes or bike) - my local bike shop will often ask me to 'come back in after 1000 miles' so that they can check my chain. I'd typically have to manually count up the milage for activities with that bike. Sometimes they will ask me how many miles have I done since the last service - if I've put the date of that last service in the calendar, it would be great to be able to easily say 'since date X, I've ridden 3000 miles, with that particular bike'


Maybe you can use the gear components for that, there you can enter a date and see the km so far. But the list of possible components is fixed so you have to fiddle a bit if you want to enter the date of services or unsupported gear.

Mt. Kenya

It would be great if bike wear items (chain, tires) could notify you when a certain milage has been accumulated (eg 4000 miles on chain)

Mt. Kenya

The new component feature is great. I created my own version of it 3 years ago. It allows me to not only add components, but also to record maintenance. Example. I can add a new chain, and I can also record cleaning and lubing the chain. Replacing the chain doesn't remove the old chain so I can see how many km's each chain has lasted. I record charging of my power meter, and charging of my Di2, so I can see how long a charge lasts. Lets me view any declining battery capacity. When adding tyres, I can also record topping up the latex after self healing punctures. But to get all of this info, I have to ensure I upload each ride to my own platform as well as Strava. It would be very convenient if it was all in one place.

Mt. Kenya

My bike mechanic just told me to replace the chain after another 500 kilometers. So I thought, hey, Strava has a feature to remind me. Turns out, this feature only exists for shoes.

Can we have the option to set a reminder for replacing each bike component after a certain mileage? And/or perhaps a notification for the bike as a whole, e.g. for the next bike service?

Mt. Kenya

We need this service / maintenance feature!!!

This would be such an easy feature to implement. Service reminders - ie X number of miles for chain, brake pads, etc.

Please add this feature!!!


Hi. Please consider adding a feature to add bike service dates. This is so that there is a way to check the mileage since the last full bike service. Thanks!