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Pico de Orizaba
Status: New Idea

It appears Strava has changed the algorithm for segment times. Looking into the data, it may be that average speed calculated over a segment is now more critical in final calculation of segment time rather than position data of rider moving over the segment with (time_at_end - time_at_start).

This appears to have changed about the same time that new segments of less than 500m were no longer able to be created. So, my guess is that position GPS position data is, for whatever reason, no longer a viable option for segment times. Because of this, it is clear in segment analysis that older times have an advantage over newer times. If segments are analyzed comparing 2013 - 2018 to 2019-2023, it is clear, it was somehow easier to set a fast time in the past.

Options are:

- Re-calculate old segment times using the new algorithm so leaderboards are fair again. Some may loose their KOMs, but based on the current algorithm, they never should have had them in the first place.

 - Change the algorithm back

- Give newly set times an automatic handicap to be X% faster so they are comparable to older data

 - Split leaderboards in "Pre-2018" and "Post-2018" (or whenever analysis indicates the change in algorithm made getting a top 10 much harder)

 - Delete old times


Thanks in advance. I think the KOM is sacred and having a KOM from 2016 stand just because the algorithm has changed does not respect that. I like Strava looking to make segment times more accurate, but I don't like that old times have an advantage in the leaderboards now.

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Do you have an example where (time_at_end - time_at_start) isn't used for the segment time?