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The strava app conects to my heart rate monitor but is there any way to add the cadence sensor as well. I believe this was once an option but not any more. Please bring it back. 

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Hello @totemblaze thanks for your suggestion. It is possible to import your cadence data if you pair your sensor with the Wahoo Fitness app. When you connect your Wahoo Fitness and Strava apps, activities recorded with Wahoo Fitness that include other sensor data will automatically upload to Strava. More information about how to connect your accounts can be found here.


Thanks for your reply.

I can get my cadence if I'm using my coospo bike computer and coospo app as well. It conects to both my heart rate and cadence sensors but the download time is painfully slow and I prefer using the strava app for the segments outdoors. I do use the coospo during the winter months on my indoor bike as it also alows the additional use of a speed sensor. If the strava app has the ability to conect to a heart rate monitor why not other sensors as well? I'd like to see the cadence work but I'm sure there are other people out there with power meters that could use the ability to link those directly to the app as well.