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Strava recently introduced trail running as a sport“. However, segments don’t play very nicely with some trails. Often when on a trail the particular route you take varies a little bit from run to run. An example of where I just observed this is when on a run in Kenya. My run didn’t match a segment that it should have because I had to take a minor detour due to some animals on the usual route. The “potential segment match analysis tool” ( shows this slight deviation:

63C7EBD6-1101-464A-80A3-2DB5C4F4054B.pngI don’t know what the threshold for a matching segment is. This one was a 79% match according to the tool, but it clearly was the same route.

My feature suggestion is to allow the match threshold to be configurable for segments. Segment creators can mark a segment as requiring a lower threshold so it is more likely to match new activities.

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