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Status: Gathering Kudos

I would like to see a new competition replace Local Legends. It would be the 'Mayor' of a segment. I hear little chatter about LL and I don't think many people are interested in it. Either popular routes are dominated by commuters who aren't even competing or it is possible to be LL on some segments with 2 rides. 90 days is far too short and this basically forces you to take the same routes, not exactly encouraging people to ride more and explore. The Mayor prize would be for consistant riding, a rolling yearly target of the lowest maybe three times on a segment. This would elimiate Q/KOM carpet baggers and car drivers. Email awards could be sent at the end of the year to avoid unwanted spam during the year. If you are Mayor on Dec 31st you get the award, but can challenge during the year.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Being old (nearly 50!) local legend is one of the few strava accolades I can hope to get! However I think 90 days is a bit ridiculous and I’d love to see an additional Leaderboard for most attempts of a segment ever, with the usual segmentation in to age/gender/weight groupings 


I like local legends, as above, being 65+yo i'll never be a KOM, but I ride a lot of local trails/tracks regularly so LL encourage me to keep riding them.


I am over 50 too but I still find local legends ridiculous and could care less even when I get one. Having said that, it is still not uncommon for me to get a top ten achievement or even a crown on smaller less popular trail running segments.

Perhaps there could be an achievement that combines LL frequency with time to encourage a better performance along with a larger number of attempts. 

Mt. Kenya


I joined the community specifically for that. I was searching for "all-time local legend".

LL could be a good motivation to go out.

In the mountains, on difficult segments, 99% of riders complete a segment only once in the course of 90 days. I know I have climbed some passes more than 20 times during the last 20 years but I do not know who the real local legend is.