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Status: Gathering Kudos

In other words, where you see "Where You Appear" under Privacy Controls, there should be a separate option for Map visibility. 

My privacy settings have been set to:

[Profile Page - Followers]
[Activities - Everyone]

Having my privacy settings set this way allows me to participate on the leaderboard without exposing my entire account (and maps/activities) to the public. 

With Activities and Map permissions separate, I would set my permissions to the following:

[Profile Page - Everyone]
[Activities - Everyone]
*[Maps - Followers]*

With the addition of a Maps permission, this would allow me to reopen my account to the public without exposing my maps to the public, and I would keep Activities as "Everyone" to continue participating on leaderboards.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I second this.

I would also like to see an option to set different default map visibility preferences for activities I've tagged as commutes.