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Status: Gathering Kudos

I feel as though there should be a category and koms based on type of bike chosen in profile. EBike, Mtn Bike, Gravel, Road. 

I am getting an ebike and the comments have already started about if my ride posts will be valid since it may take a KOM of another rider. Until fixed I will keep these rides private so I do not get any negative comments but adding the category would remove the issue. 


E-Bikes have their own segments (leaderboards, KOMs, etc...).  All you have to do is post the ride as an e-bike ride (same as you would select "ride" or "run", etc...).  Once you do that, it will not be showing up in the regular "ride" leaderboards so there won't be any issue with taking other people's KOM's by mistake.  

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Thanks for the suggestion, @KeepingQuiet -- FYI @anchskier  is correct, you can record your Ebike rides under the "E-Bike Ride" Sport Type and they will not share the same segment leaderboards as "Ride". 

STRAVA | Community Hub Team


I wish each bike could automatically come up as a certain type of ride, so we don't have to do this after the ride. Eg. I'd like my MTB to by default come up as a Mountain Bike Ride, and my CX to be a gravel ride. And, if I'd use my CX on tarmac/asphalt (which I often do - I'd change it then). This could be done in the equipment section on our profile. We just check the box for which type of ride we'd like as default for every particular bike we have. (I'm guessing this could also be done for shoes - for the runners and hikers)


@StiSyv, there is another feature request that mentions alignment of gear and activity - Make sure you kudo that feature suggestion, as it relates to what you're saying.


Problem with this is, each segment needs to be remade by a ebike rider AND they don't show up on the Strava map.  Recently I made about 7 or so segments, there's no option to view ebike segments on the map as you would see for running or cycling.  I assume where I live none were made since I bike the same segments on a regular bike as my ebike (marked as ebike ride) and no segments show up in the after trip data.

Mt. Kenya

A problem in the UK with ebikes, is the number of de-restricted bikes which record Strava activities/segments. It is a legal requirement to restrict them to max 15.5 mph motor assist but many hack them up to 20/25 mph. This makes a mockery of Strava K/QoMs and using segment timings as an indication of progress.