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Status: Gathering Kudos

Many GPS trackers produce bad/jagged GPS data (Fitbit Charge 5 in my case). This results in overestimated distance. It would be nice if you could set the smoothing of the GPS data yourself, ideally either selecting a smoothing factor or setting a known distance so smoothing is adapted accordingly.


This is one feature I miss from Runkeeper: it had the ability to automatically recalculate and smooth the GPS track for your entire activity, then let you decide whether to keep the corrected track. If not, you could go in and edit GPS points individually, deleting outliers if you had a completely false reading.

For example, Strava gives me completely unrealistic Estimated Best Efforts because of this one run recorded years ago, which went through an underpass:

Screenshot 2023-07-09 at 16.55.20.png

I wish I could run a kilometer in 2 minutes like Strava says; I just don’t want to delete the activity.

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Mt. Kenya

I'd like a way automate removing anomalies in activities.  In my latest hike, the GPS data got mixed up and Strava has decided that I was hiking at 1mi/minute.  This should be easy to detect as an impossibility and I should be given the option to remove sections from the middle of my activity, rather than requiring me to split them to crop it out.


Similar to this Idea.

Mt. Kenya