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I think it would be great if Strava established an Athlete-in-Residence (AIR) program before the 2024 Olympics. 

I think this is important because: 

  • AIRs are pro athletes involved in the future of their respective sports every day
  • AIRs work as consultants with Strava's engineering and executive team to test and provide feedback on features that can be marketed as being used by the pros in the Olympics
  • AIRs share their Strava training data publicly during the Olympics
  • AIRs connect with local fit-tech startups, sports networks, and other up-and-coming athletes
  • Strava AIR panel can meet once a month to brainstorm new ideas and discuss the future across sports
  • Strava can partner with the AIRs on future deals and events that athletes are in

This helps Strava continue to build and market the platform before and during the Olympics.  

Shant Hagopian
Attorney & Athlete
Next race: LA Marathon (3/17/24)
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