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Mount Logan
Status: Gathering Kudos

It will be great to sync Strava x OTF data because athletes go to different workout classes and want to track and share their workouts in one place with their friends. 

I think this is important because:

  • Many athletes go to workout classes outside of Strava's ecosystem like Peloton and Zwift
  • Strava is the central hub for all workout data
  • Athletes are adding the data manually from their workouts here
  • Good partnership opportunity for both Strava x OTF
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Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

I've been looking for a way to do this for a long time! I track all my other workouts on Strava and cross train with orange theory once a week but can't track or share them to Strava.

Mt. Kenya

As you can see in Starva there are over 1000 members who also are part of the OTF community (see link above posted by Shant). Many of them are asking for a way to upload their OTF workout into Starva. I think this would be a worthwhile addition.


Mt. Kenya

Wouldn’t this be something that the OT app needs to initiate?

The only way I’ve been able log individual OT floor/rower/thread in Strava is with an Apple Watch.

However, this causes double activity counting in the Health app, inconvenient/unsafe when switching stations and more importantly, not everyone has an Apple Watch.

Hopefully we will be able to log basic stats from OT workouts in Strava in the near future.

Mt. Kenya

I was shocked this wasn’t already a feature when I started at OTF. I’ve stopped using Strava because of it.

Hope they implement it! 🤞🏼

Mt. Kenya

I'd love this integration. OTFs device, Beatburn already has GPS and other sensors on it although the GPS is a little inaccurate at times. 

Sometimes I workout at OTF and want to track these in Strava. 

Mt. Kenya

I agree - wish I could upload my OTF workouts to Strava.