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Status: Gathering Kudos
Currently I know many people that use Strava to track their training especially when gearing up for a specific race (or race season) -- it could be a local 5k/10k, an Ironman, a Century Ride, a trail run, etc. Below is the a feature that I would love to focus on and believe would be super valuable data for Strava athletes:

Enhance storytelling on Strava by giving athletes the ability to summarize all of their training geared towards a specific race

  • As an athlete I can:

    • Enter/select a race that I will be competing in (running, cycling, trail running, triathlon, swimming, etc.)

    • Assign specific training sessions towards that race (if they are in fact intentional sessions) i.e. I am an athlete training for IM 70.3 Oceanside, I will assign all of my intentional workouts (swim, bike, run, etc.) towards that race

    • See a summary of:

      •  all of my intentional training for a given race – metrics will be broken down by activity and will as # sessions (broken down by activity – i.e. swim, bike, run, etc. – any activity that is allocated towards a specific race) and will primarily highlight:

        • Total # sessions (by activity)

        • Total Time (by activity)

        • Total Distance (by activity)

      • See all of the people that I trained with (this really shows the community element involved in training for a race)

      • See activity that received the most Kudos

      • Photos that were shared in those activities allocated towards the race 

    • Share this “Summary” after my race is complete on Strava and other social platforms

I feel like this feature really summarizes and encapsulates training for a race, plus it would highlight the Strava community members, time committed to training and provide a benchmark for future races. I know that this can all be done manually right now, but I do believe that automating it for Strava Members is a special feature that could help to grow the engagement and user base. Interested to hear everyone's thoughts! 
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Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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