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Mt. Kenya
Status: Existing

When my battery dies or I just forget to stop Strava before commuting home, when I finally remember, I am left with a line across town to my house from the trail (mtb). I would like to see a “hide last segment” option or something so I don’t look like an idiot when I post those workouts. I tried to hold down on that segment to delete or edit (didn’t work.) But I think for a paid app, Strava should also be smart enough to detect that I have left the workout and at least have a notification asking if I’d like to delete the last segment or mark it is a commute. My example is attached.


Status changed to: Existing

Hi @Hardingmissions, thanks for your contribution. This functionality already exists as the crop tool, both in the app and on web. You can read more about it here. Furthermore, when impossible speeds are detected, like when you forget to stop recording an activity and use a motorized vehicle, it is almost guaranteed that your activity will be partially flagged and that any segments within that path will be excluded from leaderboards. Hope this helps!


@Soren - that is mostly false regarding partial flagging.  The Strava app rarely partially flags activities for what you say are "impossible speeds".  I am continually having to clean up leaderboards from people driving at the end of rides and runs, including driving down highways at 60+mph after a ride averaging 8 mph because Strava's automatic system doesn't do anything.  


@anchskier we acknowledge that this mechanism isn't perfect and are continually evaluating and working to improve our partial flagger and other auto-detection systems, your feedback regarding this is much appreciated.