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Status: Gathering Kudos

User Story
As a Strava User (maybe Subscriber?) that enjoys trying out different training criteria
And has just finished an activity
I want the ability to specify my own tags (e.g. 20-tooth, baby-seat, red-socks)
So that I can report on activities with my specified tags and further personalize my training experience

Save/Edit Activity with User Tags (20-tooth and baby-seat, etc):


Filter My Activities by User Tag(s): 




Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

​​Thanks for submitting your idea on custom tags. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Mt. Kenya

Please add the ability to create custom tags, like those that currently exist for “commute” and “training.” 

Like 4.5 million others in the US, I am employed in the outdoor recreation industry and ski, bike, and hike for work daily. These cannot be tagged as “commute” because these are not activities that take me from home to work, they occur once I am already at work and on the clock. I would like to be able to tag these activities as “work” to help distinguish from the outdoor activities I complete in my free time. It would also help if I could create tags for the different places I work, and others may like to create tags for specific events, trips, or the organization or pet you did the activity with. 

TL;DR: Please let us creat our own tags

Mt. Kenya

Please can you add this - would be a great feature! I would like to add "parkrun" so I can see them seperately, for example.

Mt. Kenya

Has this been done yet? I would love this feature. Then I would be able to discern my rides with my kids, or my friends, or solo. 

Mt. Kenya

This would be great and would close a long running grievance with Strava. I have previously submitted requests to add a "dog tag" so I can filter/sort by runs including my running buddy. This would be a simple update but it has been combined with an idea for Canicross and adding other activity types which is NOT what I am requesting. I'd like to see a custom tag feature to address this. Thanks

Mt. Kenya


Being able to create your own tags would be so great! I walk and run with my dog and I'd like to be able to tag those activities with "Dog" so I can see these activities separately. Also a great way to see how much exercise the dog is getting.

At work we have a running group and it would be great to tag those runs with "LTH Runners" so I can easily find the runs we did together.

Thanks! 🙂

Mt. Kenya



Please add this feature so we can track our dogs' mileage!

Mt. Kenya

I hope to see this feature soon. It's 2024.

Mt. Kenya

Need this for when i run with the dog!

Mt. Kenya

I still think this would come in handy! It takes so much time for me to find specific old rides. I have to go look them up by date or from a different app, as sometimes I'm not even sure what year I did the ride.