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Status: Existing

Currently there is no notification when a ride/run/activity is flagged – I just happened to be checking on a ride I did earlier in the week and noticed that it had been flagged by a user incorrectly (it wasn't an auto-flag as it only was flagged at some point after the day of upload). I know that in the past I have flagged other's rides weeks or months or even years after they were completed, and if I were that person I'd want to know when that happened so I could address it (cropping, making private, etc).

There is also no way to view which of your activities are flagged; the Strava blog does mention that a flagged ride would appear as red in the "My Activities" section, but that function is buggy or broken because this ride was not identified in the list view (only when clicking into the activity could I see the flag). 

One of those two features is a must have; either a notification when your activity is flagged by a user or giving users a way to filter for their flagged rides in the "My Activities" section – as a long time user, I have close to 3000 activities and now I'm paranoid that I have some hidden flagged rides that I need to take care of buried somewhere in my long list of activities. But without one of these it's infeasible for me to stay on top of any flags in my activity history (or any new flags that come up).

I'm sure the filter in the "My Activities" section would be easier to implement, so I'd recommend that to start. 


@erbiker - I totally agree.  A few months ago, I happened to look up an activity of mine because I was looking at a specific segment and wondering why I was not shown on it when I knew I had completed it before.  I found that the activity had been flagged incorrectly.  I didn't get any notification and there was no indication it was flagged when I looked up my activity log like Strava said there would be.  I did more digging and found 7 or 8 other activities that had also been incorrectly flagged and got those fixed.  I submitted a ticket to Strava and they claim there are no others, but I have no trust that they are accurate.  If they are using the same software to see if there are flags as they use to supposedly show us in our activity log, then they wouldn't see them either.  Strava definitely needs to fix or improve their system with regards to notifying users if/when their activities are flagged and making it obvious to them so they can find them if they want to.

Status changed to: Existing

Thanks for surfacing the functionality to view flagged activities in the "My Activities" section. I brought this up with our engineering team and the functionality was, indeed, broken. We have now fixed this and flagged activities appear marked in red in the "My Activities" section on the website, as intended.

Furthermore, notifications that your activity was flagged should populate as pull notifications on the website as well as on mobile. If you're not receiving them, please submit a support ticket so we can look into this.



For what it's worth, I've had a couple of rides flagged incorrectly, the last time being about 2 years ago.  I don't know who did the flagging or why so I don't know if it was accidental or malicious.  On each occasion I got a notification about it.  The support desk were very helpful in removing the flags. 

I understand that flagging should be anonymous but it might be helpful if the person being flagged gets to see the comments made by the flagger (I think such comments are mandatory).  The athlete could then perhaps comment on their own activity to help resolve any misunderstandings.


With over 6000 rides in my activities checking through them to see if a ride has been flagged is impractical.  Please add the ability to check if any rides have been flagged as the email notification can be missed.