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Status: Gathering Kudos

I use Strava on my Pixel Watch, but miss some improvements:

1) The ability to lock the screen from the Strava app, hindring accidental taps on screen or crown.

2) When I open the watch app, it would be nice to get the most frequently used activity types on top. Not having to scroll all the way to get right activity each time.

3) Should be good to see a summary of the latest activity also on the watch.

Hoppe to see some improvements soon 👍💪


Another vote for this! is it in the works? 

Mt. Kenya


I use Strava for backcountry skiing. I have a Galaxy Watch6 for that purpose. The problem is that it looks like switching to pause mode is too easy, leading to unwanted switches that I discover 1 or 2 hours later. Pause is controlled by touching the screen, and my guess is that these unwanted switches come from changing the gloves, changing the clothes, or simply the friction of the clothes or gloves on the screen.

The problem is then that the data are lost.

Suggestion : having a double action for switching to pause.


Thanks for your help, Strava is great anyway, but almost unusable (with a Watch6) for that reason when backcountry-skiing (and likely skiing as well). 

Mt. Kenya

I am absolutely flabbergasted that you cannot remove those annoying buttons. I use Strava for running and weight training - why do I have to scroll through a list of useless activities on my watch to do what I want? The running one is #2 so that's not too bad, but weight training is almost at the bottom.

I want to disable all but running and weight training - or at least be able to reorder them. Or have it re-order according to usage.

Mt. Kenya

I waited ages for the Wear OS3 update on my Ticwatch and was really forward to getting the Strava app. I can't believe how poor it is. No data screen customisation. Data font is very small (I don't run in my reading glasses!), and syncing with my phone is really flaky. Some times it syncs, sometimes it doesn't. It's really really poor.

Mt. Kenya

Yes! It would be great to customize the tile shortcuts.