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I like the weekly activity + relative effort chart in Strava. I’d like to see that directly  on my phone as a widget. The widgets showing weekly miles and goals completion only account for run, bike, swim distance; but in addition to cycling I also lift weights & walk, and would like to know if I’m increasing my activity at a sustainable pace, falling behind, overexerting, etc.

A widget would be nice because it can help me decide early in the day if I should look for a high effort workout, or take more of a rest/recovery day, without opening Strava and clicking though several items to get to the weekly effort view.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting your idea of including a weekly effort widget. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Very interesting @JimmyArms, thanks for asking this feature! We could have this widget on the lock screen to directly see the Fitness Score or weekly Relative Effort. 
In addition to this, I would love to have a widget with the ranking as part of a group challenge. This is something I love to check after a run, within the challenge details screen but I need to click several times to reach the ranking. Having it directly as part of a widget would be great too 



Hello Strava Community,

I would like to share with you a new idea. 

What is it ?

  • Since iOS 16.1 we can set Lock Screen Widgets. 
  • We could have some on Strava too for the following features : Fitness and Freshness, Weekly Effort, Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Distance, ... 

Why this feature is important ?

  • It increase user engagement by seeing at a glance on the lock screen some metrics we know and love from Strava
  • I will think of Strava immediately by seeing these lockscreen widgets and I'm pretty sure I will open the app on clicking on it to consult more datas
  • This is a snapshot of the app, a quick access to a dedicated part of the app, this is so powerful 


  • When preparing for a race, you want to follow the volume of kilometers you do each week; with a lock screen widget you can follow it really easily
  • When you train hard, your weekly relative effort is something you want to watch closely: with a lock screen widget you can directly know if you are in the right space or below/above and train more efficiently 

Some others Apps already did it for distance (Nike Run Club) or for steps. 

Thanks for reading 




I support this idea, and it would be great to have an expanded offering from Strava rather than just distance for the week. I'm using Flink for iOS which provides a little more info about distance breakdown per week/month/ year.