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What are badges?

Badges are milestone achievements that you can show off and are awarded for participating in the community. The more you interact in the community, the more badges you will acquire. Most of the badges are part of a series, requiring you to carry out the same action to level up badges. 

Where can I find my badges?

By navigating to your profile, you will see your earned badges. Clicking on ‘View all badges’ will redirect you to a list of all of your earned badges and display the ones yet to be unlocked. 

view badges in your profileview badges in your profile

The ones you have yet to obtain will appear translucent, however, you can click on all of the badges to see more detail, regardless of whether you have earned them or not.


you can see how many badges you've earned and which ones are yet to be earnedyou can see how many badges you've earned and which ones are yet to be earned

You will also receive a notification every time you win a new badge. Depending on the preferences you’ve configured under “My settings”, you’ll receive email notifications and/or real time pop-up notifications. The default for everyone regardless of preference is that badge notifications will always appear in the notification feed under the bell icon.


Happy badge collecting!

Mt. Kenya

Hi @Soren - is there any way to link my community user to my Strava user and earn badges based on my activity in Strava?

Moderator Moderator

Hi @danielB

Thanks for asking this question - at the moment, there is no way to connect the Community Hub badges system with your activity in Strava. We appreciate your feedback on this matter. 

However, we encourage you to take a look at our Guide to Community Ranks -based on your level of activity in Community Hub, you can climb the world peaks and have fun chasing the ranks!

STRAVA | Community Hub Team


@Lola is there any way that your badges that you earn on strava community will show up on your regular strava account, like the one you post activities on?

Moderator Moderator

Hello @HB ‌👋

At the moment, badges you earn in Community Hub will not show anywhere in your Strava account - sorry about that! If you would like to see this functionality in the future, feel free to create an idea in our Ideas section! 

STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Thank you very much 

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