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Apple Watch on a scooter (non-electric)

Mt. Kenya


I recently picked up a non-electric scooter from Decathlon so I can save some time on walks while still getting some movement in, instead of going lazy with an electric scooter.

I'm looking for a workout type (preferably in Strava) that would roughly match the calorie calculation, while also logging my heart rate, speed/distance and GPS route in to my Apple Health/Fitness apps. I was trying to find a list that shows which workouts log what, but can't find that for either the Apple workout app or Strava.

I can't imagine I'm the only one looking for this, what are you all using for this to get the data I mentioned earlier?

While we're at it; I went stand up paddleboarding yesterday, it didn't log a route/speed for me. Does anyone here know if that is to be expected?



Mt. Kenya

You can see a list of Apple Workout types here: - probably the generic "other" is the best bet - though not sure how that shows up in Strava,

You may be luck with a search for "Scooter fitness tracker" app for Apple Watch but I haven't seen one.

Good choice though - much better idea to use a scooter then an e-scooter if you can 👍


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