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Average and actual speed

Mt. Kenya

For several weeks, strava has been displaying my current speed and above my average speed during my activities. Someone knows how to reset the average speed ?


Thanks for sharing your comments, there is an idea that outlines that subscribers should have the ability to toggle between displaying average or live speed/pace during an activity recording. Feel free to vote and comment on it: 

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Mt. Kenya

Might be a good idea to allow people the option of whether they want to see live speed or avg speed when they walk, and same for running, give the option of avg pace or avg split pace. Bec as presently constituted subscribers see the live speed and non subscribers see the avg, so you’re disincentivizing people from subscribing bec i think most ppl would much rather see the average when they’re exercising (especially since the live speed isn’t even remotely accurate and it takes way too long for the system to compute, which means you’re only seeing ur speed from a minute ago)


Most apalling? I got some even worse... try getting a hold of someone at Lyft after someone pukes in your car or getting a refund after Facebook rips you off. Sick of these woke techies.


Supercycle Bike computer is an app i'm going to try. It has average speed. Who knows if it's good. Can't be that hard to find an app that doesn't bully u out of the average speed option.


Strava is pissing me off. THey insist i use their subscription with apparently no way to opt out of it. Now i have to download and use other apps just to see my average speed. It's selfish of them to mess with people's workouts to promote their service. I am recovering from multiple injuries and just trying to get my health back.


Hi @William1 , thanks for posting about this.  I'm assuming that your account may have received a free Subscription preview, since the live speed on the App is actually a Subscription feature. At the moment it's not possible to toggle between displaying the live/average speed during an activity.

What you are seeing is a completely free (no strings attached ) preview of our subscription features. Your payment information hasn't been collected and there is no risk of being charged unless you decide to subscribe. As a token of our appreciation, we occasionally offer a complimentary 30-day subscription with no payment information required. 

The subscription preview is set to expire automatically after 30 days.   We welcome you to check out the list of all Subscription features.

Let us know if you have further questions.

Hi Soren,

thanks for this answer. This is however absolutely unacceptable. I personally prefer the display of average speed; and due to the free trial month I am now forced to use the live speed. I have been checking settings of the app to see where I can switch and it took an actual google search to discover it is impossible to toggle between speed modes. 
to recap: I am using a free service. The developers however force me to use the premium service, which actually offers less abilities that tailor to my preference, that give me less reason to use it. I am however in no possibility to revert back to my free service or change to the original setting that I used before and that I prefer. 
just asking: do I get this straight?

yeah, we should just.. not use strava. This is billshut

very typical of what i saw from the strava office San Francisco woke crowd- as usual, they know what's best for everyone else and force that unto others. Basically, no respect.

Hi , 

any chance you found a solution for this problem? Got the same problem & doing a triathlon in 2 days. And really need my average speed! 
Any help is much appreciated 🙂