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Toggle Route Visibility / Hide Route Hotkey M

In Strava Routeplanner (which STILL is not available on mobile..), there seems to be no way to temporarilly hide the planned route to see the features underneath. This needs to be added. This is almost standard practice by now if you look e.g. at Kom...

mo by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! How often surface type gets an update?

Hi,From what I've read you are using Mapbox as the company to provide mapping and they are using OSM for surface types. I would like to ask you how often do you update your surface types in Strava Routes? I'm asking because I wonder if it's worth edi...

Resolved! App not saving map type or commute tag

I've already contacted Strava support about this issue but got nowhere.The the past couple of months the app (android , and yes already uninstalled and reinstalled and still have same issue) randomly will not save map type or commute tag, it will jus...

Tomo by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! dual subscription

 Hello,I have a problem with my subscription.I currently have 2 subscriptions and I would like to cancel the one without the trial period and get my money back at the same time. I took out the subscription with the trial period first, but it didn't w...

Stanysse by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Fitness scores don't match - Android vs PC

My phone app says my fitness is 63; my PC says it's 56. I not as interested in the absolute numbers (just the trends), I'm just surprised they don't match.On my PC the data goes back to Jan 2016 but the phone only displays back two years. Even at two...

pharris by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Shoe brand not included in the gear list

Hi, could you please include a barefoot shoe brand in the list.  The website link for the shoe is below. Thank you.

Resolved! Please let me hide certain activities

I hate my Strava feed in winter times. It's cluttered with weird sports and all these Zwift/whatever-rides or commutes.I really don't want to see them. And after fall it's allmost all you see, and I dont look through my feed anymore.It is absolutely ...

NikZ by Mt. Kenya
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