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Resolved! Strava shows incorrect moving time

My Garmin device shows different elapsed time and moving time for my indoor activities, but Strava shows the same elapsed time and moving time. That's annoying. I'd like to have the actual moving time shown on strava. 

Resolved! 5K pb not showing

Hi,  I am devastated, pushed myself to get a PB. Strava hasn’t given me anything for it? I didn’t pause I ran through 5k to make sure I went over? My Apple watch is showing a pb In achievements at 5k 22:30 but strava is showing nothing?   

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Year in sport

Hello, i have a problem with year in sport.I cant share it for some reason it keeps loading when i click to what i want to share it.Anyone else got this problem? And so how to fix it

Resolved! Follow/Unfollow

I'm just curious, but when someone starts following you, Strava sends a notifcation of that:  "xyz is following you; follow back"When a person unfollows someone they were following, does that person know somehow?(this is mostly privacy related)Thanks

Forza by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Third party apps - audio feature

Is it possible to add sound to third party workout imports?For example, Nike Training Club's videos do not include audio when the workouts are imported to Strava. 

Shant by Mount Logan
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Resolved! PR not showing.

  Set a new PR for 10k today and Strava not showing it as PR. Even when I go on my activity history Anyone know why?

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