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Resolved! Sort and filter activities by day of the week

I would like the option to sort my activities by day of the week. This would be useful because I could compare my routine and habits over longer periods of time easily. For example, I recently wanted to know how many weeks in a row I had run 6 miles ...

Resolved! indoor activities detailed speed data ignored

When uploading indoor activity data like running (indoor) or biking (indoor) to Strava, we can add detailed speed data to the FIT file (in the Record section), but it is ignored. It is also visible on the site

hophoff by Shkhara
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Resolved! Filter import from Garmin on activity type

It would be nice to filter the import to certain activity types.For instance my walks are transferred to Strava and there I delete them.It would be much easier to exclude them from import.It is probably requested earlier, but I could not find it.

evdb by Shkhara
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Resolved! Ebike not included in goal

I ride MTB, E-MTB, road and trainer and the e-bike rides don't get included in my goals.Just had a look at goal setting area and all Strava need to do is include is E-Bike and E-Mountain Bike Ride in All Ride and problem solved.

Hewie by Shkhara
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Resolved! Downloaded maps on the iOS app

A recent iOS app update seems to have made it harder to manage my downloaded route maps.Previously in Maps > Saved > Saved Routes, I could see which routes were downloaded via a small icon against each listed route. You could also download them from ...