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Resolved! Elevation leader board

Hi I have been using Strava for some time now mainly for road biking, and is superb, but recently I have add a MTB rides for more variety! So my suggestion is to add an separate leader board for elevation. The reason for this is MTB rides are shorter...

Adam23 by Shkhara
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Resolved! Ideas regarding redeeming challenge rewards

In Germany it is not possible to get products from „the feed“ so it would be better not to offer the challenge from „the feed“  because I made this challenge and tried it out to get the reward. But it wasn’t possible. Somethings couldn’t generally no...

Stephi by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Why do I only see certain Challenges in my feed?

All those challenges, lets use the strava challenges as examples..... I used to see them all in my feed the minute they came out, I also used to see when everybody else had joined a challenge. Now if i want to join a challenge, I have to go and look ...

Resolved! Grouping multiple rides

Hi is there a way to group multiple rides with say a tag, so that you can view the totals as well as the individual data/statistics? 

AMoss by Mt. Kenya
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Challenges allow logging after they close

So I was in a challenge (contest) that ended at midnight. I logged my final activity shortly before and was in the lead. Midnight came and went and I was in 1st place! I was happy I won and went to bed.I woke up this morning, and I can see now that I...

RobB by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! No medals or trophies in the list of segments?

Sorry if this type of post is not allowed or is in the wrong spot. I just joined this forum, because I wanted to express my confusion for why there is no medal image or trophy image when scrolling through an activity’s segments. It just says PR or 3r...

Resolved! recherche d'activités sur une période déterminée

Le journal d'entraînement permet de visualiser les activités sur un mois donné ou de les faire défiler en commençant par les plus récentes mais SELON MOI, il est à ce jour impossible de faire une recherche sur une période.Par exemple, je voudrais rec...

Resolved! Working with OpenStreetMap

I ride over a certain stretch of road often and have been trying to create routes that use this same stretch of road, but the Strava route builder will detour me tens and thousands of climbing feet out of the way.  The problem is that the road source...

Eric77 by Mt. Kenya
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