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Resolved! 5k Achievment Incorrect

Hi All,I’m just wondering if anyone is able to help. Strava has logged my run at 22:52 however it says it’s my third best 5k at 24 minutes+ which makes no sense. I’ve never seen this before, and wondered if anyone else had?thank you in advance   

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LB1995 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Apple Watch Swim

When I use apps such as MySwimPro with the Apple Watch it automatically Tuens on the "water lock" feature on the Apple Watch.If I start a swim with Strava on the Apple Watch this doe snot happen. What is more, I cannot swipe up to manually turn on th...

mole1066 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Ski tracking

Hello. I use Strava to track all of my alpine ski days because I love all the data I get when I do that. The only thing that is missing is full season stats for alpine skiing. I track just about every ski day and would like to be able to see my stats...

Resolved! Random segment announcement when not using app

Hi — I have a v weird glitch happening. I have segment audio notifications on so when I’m running I get the notice of half Km / times. That works fine. But after I have finished running, hours later, when the app is actually closed, I get random anno...

Resolved! Segment time incorrect when displayed in age group

Hey, Gang: I’m 75, and train seriously. Yesterday and today I pr’d on several local segments. The main page indicated that I had a pr for several segments and the times for the segments were correct, BUT my age group (75+) shows an older time (a few ...

Lyon3 by Mt. Kenya
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