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Resolved! Average Speed not displaying any more

Hi,  I have the free version of the app.  I prefer to see my average (AVG) speed when I walk/run/faint.  Until today, as shown above,  the app would display my "AVG SPEED" (just above 3.6) while I walked.  I try to maintain this speed.  Today, as sh...

Screenshot_20230616-090021_Strava.jpg Screenshot_20230616-190402_Photos.jpg

Resolved! Local Legends

I commute at minimum have 30 rides in 90 days. On some of the segments I go through I've always had the most attempts. But this breaks local legends. If I go through one of these segments it doesn't register as an attempt. That means I also don't get...

tinkle by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Setting Max Heartbeat

Been using STRAVA on my iPhone the last six weeks or so after returning to cycling from a years-long hiatus. I'm 74 now, STRAVA default tells me my Max Heart Rate is 190, which is absurd. How do I go about altering that little bit in my Profile on th...


We would like to inform you that Strava's Korean support will end on August 1st. After this date, the default language for web and mobile apps will be set to English. You do not have to do anything to continue using Strava. Please refer to this docum...

indurine by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Training log activities

 at some point I’ve selected certain activities to be in the drop down list at the top, the training log then pulls from those activities to look at. I want to add a new activity type in but I can’t figure out how to - can anyone help please? For exa...

Meg by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Routes: No editable Trackline

Hello.When I plan a route with Strava, I can see the route as a line on the map. This no longer works. If I change the view to satellite or hybrid, the route disappears and there is no editable line (route). Mac OS X. Safari & Firefox.Is there a solu...

Screen Shot 2023-06-21 um 08.22.54.png
MarcusE by Mt. Kenya
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