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Feedback on “Your Weekly Snapshot” feature


I’m now seeing the “Your Weekly Snapshot” at the top of my feed when using the app. I do not enjoy how this serves almost entirely to make me feel bad about my effort so far in the current week. This is detrimental to my experience on Strava. 

My training schedule each week is highly variable due to plenty of factors such as work, personal commitments, weather, etc. I should not have to see a feature telling me I haven’t been working as hard when I have been putting in more or the same amount of effort as my schedule allows. 

Please enable a toggle for this feature so we do not have to see it. 

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Mt. Kenya

I and my wife actually find this feature very useful. But a toggle on/off would make a lot of sense. Also an ability to separate out activities. At the moment it accumulates my swimming and cycling. I really just want to see my cycling stats...

Mt. Kenya

+1 on removing it. The feature is honestly just useless. 

There is a goals structure in Strava which this ignores. It also bundles all activities together. I can imagine anyone who has used Strava more than a few weeks finding it useful and it takes up roughly 20% of the above the fold Home Screen.  


@Scout @Jane @stravamh - Once again, Strava flubs the implementation of another "feature".  You seem to think you know better than we do what we want to see in our feed.  Why do you insist on adding these things without providing a way for us to disable them?  Why force these things down our throats?  Yes, some may be okay with it, so they could keep it turned on.  Most of us think it is a waste of space or, at a minimum, is located in the wrong part of the program.  If anywhere, this should be under the "you" section, under the "Progress" tab.  Not right in your face each and every time you open the app.  

Well said 👏


Agreed - like so many of the recent additions from Strava - it would be nice if they could be made optional. For the record, I can't stand it - if I want to see it, fine BUT I don't, so would appreciate the option of disabling it. Surely it's not beyond the collective minds at Strava to make it an optional feature?

Mt. Kenya

I agree, the feature is very flawed. It would be much better if it only showed the weekly numbers with no comparison to the previous week of training. Perhaps instead it could include a link to “See progress” that leads to the goals view to see progress towards goals, but the comparison component of the feature is terrible.

Mt. Kenya

Agree, really don't need this feature and wish I could hide it. 

Mt. Kenya

Awful idea especially for most people who train and pay enough attention to this. Please delete immediately, click bate short termist bs

Mt. Kenya

Please remove 'your weekly snapshot' or give us the option to toggle off. if I want this information I'll go to 'you'.


There is "This week" section at the top of the "You" section of the app. That already has the same function. Why there was a desire to also add it at the top of the feed?