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Feedback on “Your Weekly Snapshot” feature


I’m now seeing the “Your Weekly Snapshot” at the top of my feed when using the app. I do not enjoy how this serves almost entirely to make me feel bad about my effort so far in the current week. This is detrimental to my experience on Strava. 

My training schedule each week is highly variable due to plenty of factors such as work, personal commitments, weather, etc. I should not have to see a feature telling me I haven’t been working as hard when I have been putting in more or the same amount of effort as my schedule allows. 

Please enable a toggle for this feature so we do not have to see it. 

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Mt. Kenya

I find the snapshot at the top of my feed absolutely dreadful. It isn't useful for training, please at least make it optional. I have been considering deleting the app as it seems to align more with the negative aspects of social media, encouraging always more engagement and comparisons. I absolutely hate this feature. 

Mt. Kenya

I agree completely with Windrunner, please make ‘Your weekly snapshot’ a toggleable item with immediate effect. 


Since I posted this in January, two changes have been made. 

  • Arrows are now grey instead of green/red
  • The information is smaller but inexplicably lies within the same size box atop the feed

This is not helping! The same effect still happens when I open my app and have to see those numbers. It is still designed to make you want to do “more more more” to an unhealthy level. PLEASE let us disable this feature to give us the peace of mind and our feed back. 

Mt. Kenya

Please remove the weekly snapshot. This is terrible for mental health ☹️

Mt. Kenya

I used to like opening Strava and seeing my lovely friends activities, now I see this awful red red red. It makes me feel rotten! Not a fan.

Mt. Kenya

Yes. Fck weekly snapshot!!

Mt. Kenya

I have also written to Strava to ask them to reconsider this feature or at least make it optional, as others here have suggested. It’s already frustrating that weeks have a mandatory Monday start. Now this useless comparison tool is added with seemingly no user input and no logical way of actually comparing this week to the previous. I also find it to be quite negative to open the app and have the first thing I see be a row of angry red arrows. I try to use Strava mindfully, as I try to approach all fitness and movement mindfully. Sometimes that means not tracking every tiny little activity I do, and focusing instead on tracking my miles as I’m working towards a big goal like a marathon. Apparently the result is that almost every single day I now see red down arrows, even though I’m logging a lot of miles to prep for my marathon. Competition and comparison (even with yourself) can easily turn into an unhealthy obsession or even a life-threatening eating disorder or mental illness that can affect quality of life. I’ve been able to use Strava’s in-app options to have a good experience up until now. I really hope Strava reconsiders this feature. I will be reconsidering paying for and using an app that feels unhealthy and could contribute to disordered behavior among others, too. Please help us build a community that allows us to put our well-being first, Strava. 

As someone recovering from an eating disorder and trying to use Strava in a mindful and healthy way, I completely agree with your statement and find the weekly snapshot really off-putting, and it appeals to that negative voice I fight daily that tells me I'm not doing enough.  I have the tools and mindset to combat this now, but I really don't see any positives for this feature.

Of weak minds

your are your work, embrace it, don’t hide from it

Mt. Kenya

Someone should tell the Strava Developers they didn’t include a TMZ conversion in their weekly CRON/or api which resets/fetches snapshots. Just a little QC note 🙂