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Heatmap changes


What have you done to Heatmaps?  I do not care about businesses, or where other people have run, walked, or biked, and the new color selection interface does not allow basemap changes from the same interface (as it should).  Also, as I zoom out, the once-useful aggregation of workouts (showing a circle and number at scales where the actual paths get tiny and useless) is now gone.  Writing this as a cartographer, recent changes are not an improvement.  Is there a way to recover the old display mode?


Mt. Kenya

The new date selector in the personal heatmaps is a nice addition but please bring back the "year picker" to quickly select a year. 

With the new date picker it is really hard to quickly compare years. 

Mt. Kenya

yeah, I agree,  the old one is considerably more functional.  

specifically, It was useful for seeing my heatmap for the current year grow for running and walking activities.  Now it is more complicated to select just the current year,  and impossible to show more than one activity type at a time.

Pico de Orizaba

Please bring back the activity clusters on the personal heatmap! The old version of personal heatmap was working just fine and it was one of the features why I renewed my subscription. 

i fully agree with you on this. Not impressed at all

Mt. Kenya

Please bring back the old Heatmaps with Activity Clusters. The new Heatmaps are a major downgrade from the previous version. Thanks.

Mt. Kenya

Agree. The ability to zoom out and see all your activities in a city or country grouped together was the best feature. Please bring back Activity Clusters! 

Mt. Kenya

Bring back the activity clusters.  If you zoom out now you can no longer see areas where you have activity.  

Mt. Kenya

Very unhappy with the recent heatmap updated. All the features that were loved before have been removed. Please bring back the ability to select a certain year, nothing more annoying that having to select Jan 1 and Dec 31st(or the current date) to be able to see what I have completed this year. Not to mention you have to do this every time as all settings get reverted back to the "standard" settings. Also remove point of interests on the heatmap. No body uses Strava to find the local coffee shop or grocery store. Very disappointed in Strava and this inches me even closer to cancelling my subscription. 


love this feature, but it appears the update has killed the activity clusters check box. without it, it's very hard to see anything except incredibly zoomed in views.

Agreed. I've just created this topic under the new idea suggestions, please send kudos/support here:

The more the kudos/support/votes there, the more likely and sooner it will be implemented.