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How to find an e-bike segment by name


How do I view the details of an e-bike segment when I just have it's name?

I used the 'Don't see the segment you're looking for' feature to show me other segments in the area of my E-Bike ride - this gives me the name of a segment that I want to look at. But there seems to be no way of actually seeing the segment details.

The segment I'm interested in doesn't ever appear on the segments map - maybe because it's not well used? Even if I had the segment ID number I could look it up that way - but I can't get any info about it apart from the name. 

Any ideas?



You're probably right - it took them way too long to get e-bike segments to show on a 'search map', so it'll probably be another long wait until they manage to get 'search by name' sorted as well.

But in the meantime they'll keep spamming my e-mail with 'kudos' and other motivational rubbish - that's obviously what's keeping their developers busy!


I fear there isn't a reliable way, the ride segment search is mostly unuseful, the ebike segment search not existing and Strava doesn't allow search machines to index segment sites. Maybe you know some other ebike riders in your neighborhood to scan their activities or ebike segment top tens for this segment name.