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Inaccurate Swim Time issue

Mt. Kenya

I am using strava on my mobile phone to record open water swimming. When saving the activity I get a ridiculous time, although the recorded route is accurate. I can get the correct time by resaving as a run and then again as a swim. However, as soon as I share it defaults to a ridiculous time. Anyone else experienced this issue and can it be fixed?


Mt. Kenya

Yes.. today I swam 30 laps of a 300m- ish open water pond & the distance was 6.29 miles / it took me 4 hours 40 mins which is about right for my pool times but Strava said my time was 1 hour 4 mins!! Is it cuz the pond was so small maybe? 

Mt. Kenya

I have the same issue. I record my swimming activity with Polar watch. In Strava i get correct  elapsed time but much smaller moving time, and accordingly enormous pace.

Mt. Kenya

I don't know why drawing a very detailed path on a map is not considered as 'moving' at the end of the day. My phone also records splits like 30s/100m. (carrying my phone in my safety buoy)

Mt. Kenya

I have exactly the same issue. Thanks for pointing out that fix by saving it temporarily as a run. 

Moderator Moderator

Hello @Stuarthitchman1 

Thanks for posting about this.  The Strava Mobile App is not supported for recording swim activities, and may not be able to accurately estimate your moving time, leading to the issue you are reporting.

Sorry about that an apologies for any confusion.  For information on the best way to record swims on Strava, please refer to this article.  

For best results we recommend recording swims with either the Apple Watch or a Wear OS 3 supported watch.  There's also a number of third party devices that are popular.

I hope that helps.  Please let us know if you have further questions.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

It's been another year and Strava still hasn't made this seemingly easy fix. I too have to record as "run" (or walk), and then edit the activity to Swim to make it accurate.


Please pay some attention to this. A known workaround has been available for a long time already.

Hi Jane, 

Thanks for your response.

I have to say for a app that doesn't support recording open water swimming it does a very good job. It tracks my path using GPS very well. My phone is located in my safety bouy and keeps a steady connection. This probably helps.

It feels like by default the swim moving time uses something like a minimum speed of 2km/hr. Which I currently often fall under.

By saving as a run and then back to swim it seems to pick a different threshold and fix the issue. Then I get a very accurate moving time (comparable to my garmin watch, which sadly can't hold the GPS connection).

Hence the fix appears relatively simple. Adjust the default minimum speed for moving time for swim activities. Would be great if this can be fixed. For now I simply use the temporarily save as run and save back to swim work around.