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Ride features and achievements.

Pico de Orizaba

Hi all,

I'm new here, and as a Subscrition holder I get great additional features and choices to use.  As an older cyclist and one who has been riding for decades, Strava has been very helpful in keeping me motivated, and also helped me become a better rider.  I hope it's helping you too.  I have regular discussions with friends about features like KOMs and Local Legends.  We share opinions about these two features (among others) and I hope that here, I can solicit more thoughts and ideas from you, and even someone from Strava monitoring these posts.

1) Do you feel there is merit to LL, and if so how?  Does it allow more people to feel included and rewarded by a wreath?  Or can it be just a matter of riding more in your neighborhood?

2) This may be a bit controversial, but with KOM/QOM we all know it's origin is King of the Mountain.  Originally awarded on climbs ranking from 4,3,2,1, and HC.  Yet so many KOMs are for tiny flat segments that dont take much effort.  So (gulp) here it goes:  Could KOMs be classified as a climb that Strava deems worthy by some length x elevation, and maybe those thousands of itty bitty ones become KOS - King/Queen of the Segment.  And how about this: Wondering if Strava can categorize those that win a KOM/QOM whether they achieved it solo or in a group?

Come on all!  Let's get in this conversation and make your thoughts heard!

May the wind be always at our back.  Richard Forzani


Hey @Forza great thoughts!

1) for me personally, I don't pay much attention to LL. But I've seen reactions from others on the app who get excited about it, and I've also seen (at least in one case) a local competition between runners in BC Canada who were fighting to keep taking the LL from each other. So I think its a good thing, it doesn't negatively impact my experience at all, and sometimes I get a happy laugh from it when I see notifications like "you're the local legend of killing yourself on this stupid hill" or "you're the local legend of (fill in innuendo here)". 

2) Regarding KOM/KOS... that's kind of semantics. IMO, people like the KOM so keep it. But... I like your idea of designating those "real" climbing KOMs. Strava already does designate Cat 1-4 and HC, if you search segments in the web version.  So why not show that designation on the page for that segment on the app? I think a special icon could appear next to segments that are designated HC, because those are the true original KOMs of cycling. 

Interesting you mention solo vs group, I just brought up this point in another thread:

It's a huge factor, but I personally think it would be too messy to break out KOMs by solo vs group (and that's coming from someone who is mainly a solo rider). What if its a group ride, so you tag it as a group ride, but then you go on a solo breakaway for a KOM? What if it's a group of 2? There are so many variables.  

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Pico de Orizaba

Hi Eric,

I like your idea that builds upon my post.  I think adding the category ranking 4-HC next to the KOM/QOM adds additional credit/value.  Simply add the little red circle with the category, next to the KOM/QOM if it qualifies.  That seems like an easy thing for Strava to do, and gives genuine merit to the person who achieves that.  

Richard Forzani
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