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Rolling 365 day KOM Leaderboards/Badge

Mt. Kenya

Wouldn't it be great if there was a rolling 365 day KOM Leaderboard (with awarded trophies - top 10 and PR's).

I think this will really freshen up the segments. 

I think strava tried something similar a few years ago but it was just a Jan to Dec leaderboard but that didn't really work - ride on 1st Jan and get every segment KOM lol.




Mount Logan

Richard this is great. Someone had suggested a similar feature for segments called prince/princess of a segment. The KOM/QOM are still forever, but 2nd place segments reset every year. 

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Mt. Kenya

Perhaps the KOM isn't awarded until Dec 31st or Jan 1st for the previous year. 

For MTB, trail conditions change over time and it may not be possible ride the segment as fast as it once was; the trail gets heavily rutted, or overgrown with brush, or a fallen tree requires a slight reroute.

Mt. Kenya

Strava should do their due diligence and look at things like weight of the rider, watts, heart rate and speed to determine if it is even physically possible to be real. 

Mt. Kenya

And how do we keep those pesky e-bike riders from marking their rides as rides?

Mt. Kenya

I was thinking along similar lines as some segment KOMs are impossible to get now, especially if you've had a pro peloton through it. I think this a great idea. My idea was similar but maybe keeping a count of who has the fastest times on any fiven segment each year since Strava began. I did like the yearly KOMs too as I think that being the fastest of the year on any segment has merit. But it was possibly poorly implemented as whenever you went for a ride kn 1st of Jan every segment was an annual KOM!

I think it would be great to have a leaderboard where you have to have multiple attempts. Take an average of your top 3 attempts. This would reward local riders and people who are consistent. It would not reward a pro peloton or people who have a single suspiciously good attempt.