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Route detail page doesn't show which Segments are starred anymore


It seems that the Route detail page (when you click on a Route under your Strava > My Routes) has changed recently, and doesn't display which segments are starred. You need to click a Segment to star or unstar. This worked just fine in the "old" (much better) version. Which is a BIG anoyance to me.

With the old page, I could plan a Route, and then easily star Segments right on the page. Those starred Segments were then pulled over to my Garmin Edge. The new page makes this way more difficult. I would need to click on each Segment separatelly, and there are dozens of them.

Futhermore, on the "old" (miles better) page, when you put your mouse over a Segment, it displayed where it is on the map. This feature is gone.

Please, bring back the previous very good Route detail page.



@Jane I have a long email chain with a Strava staff member calling themselves Bruce who claimed to be dealing with this "bug". This went on for several months but I no longer get replies on the issue. Can we please have an update and return to the service we all signed up and paid for at the outset which included the ability to create a route which includes starred segments. @sonny4 have you any more info than I have ? 

Hi @DaveSudds 

Thanks for your post.  I've checked in with Bruce and at this point we don't have any further information or updates.  We are still working on resolving this issue but we do not have a timeline that we are able to share for when it might be resolved.  We appreciate your feedback and will pass it along.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Hi @Jane To say politely that I am disappointed to read your reply is an understatement but I am pleased that you did at least reply. Can you please confirm : 1. Strava members world wide can no longer build a route that will include any of their starred segments ? 2. Strava cannot fix this problem ? 3. Strava expects us to accept that the only way we can race a starred segment is not to include it in a planned route ? 4. The only segments included in a new route will for some reason be those which have not been starred by the route's creator ? 

As pointed out by @RDY this is/was headline feature and to be honest it is pretty shocking and paints a poor picture of the present mindset at Strava if this does not receive priority attention 

Hacked off, disappointed and annoyed  that  I couldn't plan a route today because   I wanted to race 2 of my starred segments.  

Hoping for a slightly more encouraging reply 



So let me get this straight.  You broke one of the headline features of the platform nearly a year ago, haven't bothered to find the cause, let alone a fix, and nobody is assigned to do either ...

What on earth is the point of adding the waypoints thing (which is hugely dysfunctional), when this is still dead?


Also, re: segments in general, please finally move them to the routes model saved and starred, not purely starred.  It would allow people to manage which segments are on their head unit.

@Dave I would like to say Strava listens to the concerns of us, their paying customers, but they don't. I don't know of any progress on the issue of the route detail page on web. It would be an easy fix for them, but instead, they are busy fiddling with useless stuff, like those random photos, even replacing maps in some cases with those photos...

Stravas poor decisions lately even lead me to believe they have replaced their dev team, or at least their leadership. They had a wonderful product, and now the new people are ruining it.


It's now almost 10 months since they broke this.  Not even a partial fix.  It seems like half baked changes are made and then completely abandoned nowadays, even if they're one of the most used or relied on features by both paying and non-paying members.  Maybe 10% of segments show up on routes created since this change (if you're lucky).  Not to mention that the star / unstar feature on routes for segments was removed.

Strava is a total disaster these dayys.


Still broken.  Still useless ...

Mt. Kenya

Dear Strava, could you please fix it?

I'm using old routes (2 years old), because new planned routes are almost without segments. We need to explore map to find segment, which is really frustrating.

Strava, why is this so hard?  You've bragged about all the work you've released to plan/make/create routes except the feature we want the most doesn't work. 

1.  After creating a route be able to view and STAR all the segements without that route. 

2.  Have those starred segments show up on our live segments on cycling computer.   

This is why I pay for Strava, can we please have an status of when this can be fixed?