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Route detail page doesn't show which Segments are starred anymore


It seems that the Route detail page (when you click on a Route under your Strava > My Routes) has changed recently, and doesn't display which segments are starred. You need to click a Segment to star or unstar. This worked just fine in the "old" (much better) version. Which is a BIG anoyance to me.

With the old page, I could plan a Route, and then easily star Segments right on the page. Those starred Segments were then pulled over to my Garmin Edge. The new page makes this way more difficult. I would need to click on each Segment separatelly, and there are dozens of them.

Futhermore, on the "old" (miles better) page, when you put your mouse over a Segment, it displayed where it is on the map. This feature is gone.

Please, bring back the previous very good Route detail page.


Moderator Moderator

Hello @sonny4 

Thanks for posting about this.

We have made some recent changes to the Routes Page on Web and will continue to iterate on this.  Thanks for your feedback, it has been noted.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

@Jane when will this issue be resolved?  Just to be clear, your response of "it has been noted" is not a solved answer and should not be marked as such.  What's the point of paying for strava if I can't make routes that include live segments?  

@Jane It's been two months.  There's no response from you or Strava on this matter.  It simply doesn't work to have starred segments in a route any more.  I dropped all starred segments but ~40 or so.  Added a new segment and confirmed it sync'ed to my Garmin and shows if I ride without a route.  It will not show in a Strava created route (purple flags on Garmin.)

Hey @Jane , sorry, but this does not solve the Starred Segments issue.

You can keep the new Route detail page on Web if for whatever reason you find it better, but please, enable us to switch to the old version. Hopefully, you can write the selection to the database, so the system knows which version to serve the next time. At least give us something here, please.

Hopefully this iteration can be backed out - it defeats the object of route planning when a rider plans a ride in order to target or measure segments. 
Starring them via a list is important, as is seeing segments on a route when using the App


Mt. Kenya

i found the same issue. the new route page is useless.... it is meaningless by giving a list of segments without the ability to see where these segments locates on the route. when i click on a segment name, i will be take away from the route and to the segment's detail page... 

 i also need the ability to see at a glance on the route which segments have i starred...

Strava please fix this