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Show on an activity if auto-pause is used: A way to make Strava real

Mt. Kenya

I love the auto pause function so that Strava pauses when you stop running to have a sip of water or tie your shoes. The only unfortunate thing is that it doesn’t give the ‘real’ picture of a run and makes competition and comparison more unrealistic. As it is now, you can run as fast as you can for 2 miles and then sit to eat lunch for 30 minutes before running again as fast as you can for 2 miles. Strava will then, with auto pause, show that you have been running very fast for 4 miles which is not exactly true. A way to make use of the function in a good way would be to be able to show on an activity if and perhaps how many times the activity has been paused. This would make Strava better by eliminating unrealistic ideals in a world where everyone compares oneself to every other.



Strava already shows moving time and elapsed time for runs (at least in the web browser, didn't check it on the phone app). Where and in what way should Strava display the pauses?

Hey Jan,

Yes, you can see for yourself your elapsed time and moving time. But for others it only shows “a pace” but it’s not possible to see if that pace is the moving pace or the elapsed pace e.g. if a person is using auto pause or not (it shows moving pace if a person uses auto pause). And that gives an unrealistic picture

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