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Swimming - distance and calories


Dear Strava team

I did swimming in the indoor pool, my Garmin cannot capture swimming, hence I did the distance in the Gamin App manually, but after syncing, Strava does not show the distance (however, it does show the calories and heart rate synced from Garmin). Apparently, I can change manually the distance for running, cycling, bot nut for indoor swimming. After talking to the supprt desk I was advised to use a manual entry, which in the end of the day turns out that if I make such entry, I can describe time and distance but not the calories.

I.e. either you have a synced data without distance (doesn't make sense) or you have a manual entry with distance but without calories and heart rate.

In all other activities I can change at least the distance.

Would you please consider changing this one for swimming as well? I.e. Strava retrieves info about activity from Garmin, and user may manually change distance from 0 (now it is zero) to an actual distance.