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Strava's new integration with the Fi Smart Dog Collar

We're happy to announce Strava's integration with the Fi Smart Collar for dogs. The Fi collar uses GPS and the LTE-M network to remotely track your dog, and also tracks their sleep, activity and step...


Staying Motivated by Setting Goals

Reaching My Goals A few years ago I was visiting my family for the holidays. It was cold, snowy, and slightly dark outside. While they were baking cinnamon rolls, I was lacing up my shoes to head out...


Strava Employees Share Live Segment Stories

  Do you like to challenge yourself by competing with yourself, Strava friends, or complete strangers? Want to be notified when you're approaching a segment? If so, check out the Strava Live Segments...


Route Building and Mobile Photography in Patagonia

Summer (in the Northern hemisphere) is just around the corner which means warmer weather, vacations, traveling, and just more time outside. Does any of the following pique your interest?    PatagoniaC...


Don't quit your fitness journey! My top tips

How many times before have you given up on your newly found fitness journey? Sometimes it didn’t last more than a few weeks, or even days. We are close to the end of May (!), which means a lot of peo...


Recording All The Things

I’m one of those people. One of those guys that records everything, as in everything. Partially because of my role on our Community Management Team, where testing is invaluable.  One time I even recor...


Part 3: A Tour Divide Adventure

Estimated Reading Time: 15 mins  The final installment of the Tour Divide series features a personal story of the journey home.  I took this photo on July 3rd, 2022 of the memorial wrapping around Rob...


Using Relative Effort to Analyze your Efforts on Strava

Did you know, you can use Strava's Relative Effort feature to analyze your efforts and intensity trends over time?  If you are a Strava Subscriber and collect heart rate data for your activities, you ...


Learning a New Sport When You're Older

Do you ever see other people trying new sports and you think to yourself any of the following: How do they make it look so easy?I wish I started that sport when I was youngerI definitely would hurt my...


Why We Love E-bikes on Strava

Hello Everyone. I’m Jane, I work at Strava, and I love e-bikes!  Today we’re going to talk about why e-bikes are so great, the best way to use Strava with an e-bike, and lastly, chat with Mona and Er...


Down Strava Challenges Memory Lane

Strava challenges, perhaps one of the most popular and long-standing features of the Strava product! When I first started working at Strava, challenges mainly consisted of cumulative challenges refer...


Part 2: A Tour Divide Adventure

From racing the school bus to racing across the country in all kinds of ways Imagine a random weekday in the late 80s in Alabama in a small suburban community outside Birmingham. The school bus drops ...


Part 1: A Tour Divide Adventure

Questioning my life choicesSharp snow covered Rocky Mountains south of Banff, Canada about 40 miles into the 2022 Tour Divide bikepacking race. How did I find myself waking up in a cave in Montana? Or...


To mute or not to mute

Today I'm highlighting one of our lesser known features, called "Mute Activity". Let's start with the basics...   How it works Mute Activity: Don’t publish to Home or Club feeds. You can use this opt...


Strava Routes on Suunto and COROS Devices

Maybe you’ve got some extra time this weekend to explore a new part of time, perhaps you're visiting family in a new city, or you could be traveling for work and want to explore. Routes give you the f...


Running with Children

You are a new mama and everything is evolving, reevaluating and it is not all rainbows and sunshine. You scour the internet for hours, Google searching every little thing, pretty sure my search histor...


Strava map types you’ll want to try!

Map Types are a clever way to enhance your activity’s map appearance in feeds. We’ve enjoyed seeing how our employees have been using them so we’ve captured examples of the different styles below.   W...


ŌURA + Strava: Integration Update, March, 2024

Update - March, 2024: In your ŌURA App, you can now unlock a more complete view of your active life on Strava. Our new integration allows you to create and share an ŌURA sticker to a selected activity...