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Do you enjoy analyzing your Strava data?  If so, check out the Training Log!  

Strava subscribers can access the Training Log to view all of your training in one place, it's visualized to show your progress and highlight important stats. We’ll update your Training Log every time you upload an activity.

How to access the feature:

Mobile: Strava App > You Tab > Progress > Scroll Down > Training Log

Web: > Training Tab > Training Log

01 Hi Training Log, Have We Met?

The Training Log was a feature I rarely used 😞 Prior to the previous year, my uploads to Strava were fairly simple:

  • Run three or four days out of the week
  • 1 or 2 Strength Training Workouts

Basic stuff right? 🤔

I uploaded only two activity types. This made me feel like I didn’t need to check out my Training Log at all 🙈. If I was to look at my Training Log, it looked the same the entire year and it was fairly simple 😴. Here is a screenshot below of how it used to look:

Web Screenshot 📸:

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 11.35.19 AM.png

Mobile Screenshot 📸:


But recently, my training took a slight turn 😩. After dealing with a few injuries that required me to take a few weeks off running, I found myself recording more indoor activities. How much more? like MOST of my activities were indoors! 🏡 I was only able to see the outside world to enjoy a nice leisurely walk. This led to my Fitness and Freshness / Relative Effort scores to dramatically change 📉

Web Screenshot 📸:


Not only I had to watch my Fitness decline, I also watched my Local Legend trophies slip away ☹️

Web Screenshot 📸:


Overall, my motivation to upload or make my activities public became less important. My activities were viewable only to me 🔒 because I felt as though my indoor activities were uninteresting. I was shy to make these activities public because my uploads went from 10-mile runs to a 30-minute workout. I felt as though all my progress has been washed away along with my training. I constantly kept asking myself if "I'll ever run 10 miles again outside again?" "Will I ever be able to run outside at all 😪!?!?!"

02 Training Log, Did We Just Become Best Friends?

But one beautiful day when I was looking through my Progress section on the Strava App, I decided to take another look at my Training Log.

Mobile Screenshot 📸:


The Training Log reminded me that my current upload history doesn’t mean I’m not working hard 💪. I completely forgot that I can filter the Training Log based on the activities I’m uploading; it’s not limited to just my runs and strength training. I can filter it to display the indoor activities that I’ve been recording!

You can filter the Training Log using a few filters:

  • Activity Type
    • Yoga
    • Walk
    • Run
    • Weight Training
    • Workout
    • Ride
    • Rowing
    • And so much more!
  • Time
    • Distance
    • Elevation
    • Relative Effort

The option to filter my Training Log based on time 🕰 was an extremely important feature. Prior to this, my Training Log was filtered by distance because running 40 miles a week was my primary goal. But since I wasn’t able to run and measure the distance I was running every week, I decided to filter my Training Log based on Time. Why did I choose Time to filter my uploads? Because I wanted to challenge myself to record the same amount of time when I was running. If I was spending 90 minutes outside during my runs, I wanted to challenge myself to work out as much. I ended up doing multiple strength training workouts throughout the week accompanied by a 30-minute yoga session. From there, my Training Log became my go-to source for measuring my fitness. 

Web Screenshot 📸:


This brought a whole new excitement for me when it came to recording and uploading activities 🤗. I was excited to share my indoor workouts with my followers. For my followers to see that although I’m not running, I’m still doing my best to maintain an active lifestyle.

03 Thank You Training Log

The Training Log has become my favorite feature on Strava. Although it's not new, it's a feature I've disappointingly overlooked. With a ton of great features in the App, it's possible that we can overlook features that can easily change our perspective on how we train. Nowadays, I find myself scrolling through my Training Log daily just so I can see a streak of how many days I've been active. So Training Log, if you're reading this, thank you 🤝.

Have you used Strava's Training Log?  Drop us a reply below and let us know.  

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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What a great way to showcase our Training Log. I actually love this feature too.

Navi // Bone Apple Tea
Mt. Kenya

I might need to explore the training log a bit more. I'd like to see a feature where you can schedule future activities, such as a training program and see how that predicts your Fitness.

Also @Granola, why is the same thing located in different places - is there a need to be more consistent in the naming of sctions?

Mobile: Strava App > You Tab > Progress > Scroll Down > Training Log

Web: > Training Tab > Training Log