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New! Set default gear by sport


You can now set default shoes and bikes for different foot and cycle activities! 

For bikes this applies to: Ride, E-bike Ride, Virtual Ride, Handcycle, Velomobile Ride, MTB Ride, Gravel Ride and E-MTB Ride activities. And for shoes it works for: Run, Hike, Walk, Virtual Run and Trail Run activities.

Thank you to @CreakyCrank for posting this idea and for the 139 votes received from our community. We hope you enjoy this update.

How much gear do you have?

STRAVA | Product Marketing



This feature works in the app but not in the web interface where the gear doesn't change after changing the activity type.


Would like for rides recorded on Peloton bike and synced to Strava to default to Peloton bike (added to gear)


Hi! This is a great start 😃

I was wondering wether it would be possible to add the gear feature to snowboarding (and I assume ski would be also lovely for skiers too).


Mt. Kenya

It would be a really neat feature to be able to add the commute tag to a bike on this page. I cant be the only one having a designated commuter bike. 🙂 


@mal @LouB Massive thanks to the team for implementing this great feature!

Unfortunately, it seems to assign the default “Run” shoes to indoor/treadmill runs as well. I would love if indoor/treadmill shoes could be assigned to the “Virtual Run” shoes instead. That would make a lot more sense to me.


This is a nice feature, BUT it appears you can only designate one bicycle/shoe to the default activity type. I have 4 mountain bikes and two different sets of hiking shoes, but only ONE mountain bike can be assigned the default activity Mountain Bike Ride and only ONE shoe may be designated to the default activity Hiking. It would be better if you could assign a default activity to EACH bicycle/shoe, so it would show that activity type by default when you choose the that bicycle/shoe on your activity.

No kidding, this change has and is messing up my uploads and tracking.  Can't be that hard to assign several bikes to ride or mt bike ride etc...and to add Peloton or similar platforms that don't act/record like Zwift etc.  Frustrating 


Yay!!  Thank you!

How to do it:


To accomplish this, you need to go (I did this in web) to settings (click your avatar in top right), then My Gear.



Once in 'My Gear', you need to select your gear, then it will bring up a dialog box to make your selections for what to use that gear with by default



Bonus on there (in case you didn't know) - you can setup to be notified when it is time for new gear.


For bikes, it is a little bit more complicated than my above instructions... here are the extra steps.

1. select the bike (as above), then you will get to the bike detail page... click on Edit Bike button:


2. Select what this bike is to be used for by default:


3. Don't forget to save (I did first go through).

4. Also, if your cat happens to trounce across your keyboard, it will likely set all of the boxes and save it before you have a chance to even blink (mine did).





This doesn't work on manual activities... if you record using mobile phone, it does set the gear properly, but if you enter a manual activity, it will not set the default gear, you will have to assign it manually.