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Ifit error


Hello, the sessions of sports shared via Ifit are wrong, for a week the difference in altitude is no longer taken into account by Strava, example, my last two sessions I did 600 meters and 600 meters of elevation gain and my two sessions on Strava display zero meters.

(NordicTrack Commercial X32i treadmill workouts) 



Do we have any updates? It is taking long time to fix something that worked before 😕

0 update.

Try to upload manually an activity today and still no elevation.

It is a real shame.

Pico de Orizaba

No more update from anyone? Still no elevation and worse the new iFit website is crap with no more dashboard available for me. So much regrets to have chosen Nordictrack thinking iFit will be a must have 😞

And to add to my pain, my treadmill brand new from April 2023 is making so many noises despite good maintenance. No answer from iFit of courses. Aftersales was said to be the worst ever. I did not believe it first but now I can confess that was right. Very very disappointed for a 1600€ treadmill.

No update from Strava or iFit so far. So frustrating ...

Ifit has removed the option to export .tcx-files so the only way to get your workouts to strave is the automatic sync (no elevation data included) that is available on a premium membership. What a shame!

I'm an owner of an X11i Commercial i paid around 3.000 € for. At the moment I'm on my third(!) treadmill as the others failed to work after a few months. Fortunatly it was under warranty and I got the replacement for free. The third one now seems to work although the deck broke after 6 months and got replaced as well. As the warranty has run out now I just hope that nothing will brake soon.

Would never buy any Nordictrack or IFit equipment again.

You can export TCX file. I just did it. 

Through the new website I went to Training Preferences and scroll down. There is history export available. 

But even doing this, and importing manually still no elevation. Very frustrated and very angry ay them not to answer my email...

new website? hmm 🤔

could you please share it?



It is still

But there are some changes since I do not have the dashboard anymore to get all my exercise. 

I have read other threads talking about this new website. Unfortunately there are some missing things for me and I cannot get despite my Premium subscription all the information I used to have.

Capture d’écran 2023-10-11 à 16.26.35.png

Pico de Orizaba

Today's training syncs automatically with Strava (I am a Premium iFit subscriber and Strava) but still no elevation...

Very frustrating.


Same issue is discussed here:


Some change ob Stravas side must have happend from 20th to 21st July.

As I don't use an Ifit Premium membership only manual upload is possible for me (and most of the Users). Worked for hundreds of workouts before.

So far the Strava support team stopped replying on my support thread. Very frustrating.